Saving Money with Custom Picture Framing

Do you have a photo you have always wanted to get framed? But you are scared of the cost? How about that award you received, sitting in your filing cabinet. You would really like to display it — but the budget just does not allow it. Using a professional custom picture framing shop provides a lot of value! Here are some things to help your budget when choosing to have an item professionally framed.

1. Long term or short term value?

For pieces that are of significant value to you (whether of sentimental or dollar value), it is important to preserve their longevity and value with quality, acid-free and UV-protecting materials. Poor quality materials can cause your artwork to fade or yellow over time. While it may be tempting to purchase lower-quality materials for such pieces — in the long run this will cost you more by devaluing the artwork. On the other hand, for pieces that are of more temporary value, you can often get by with lower-quality materials. While these may slowly degrade the piece over time — you may not notice for 5-10 years. You can optimize the money you spend by answering this question: Is this something to preserve for the long term or short term?

2. Where will it be displayed?

Will this piece be in a prominent position in your house? For items that you really want to show off, it may be worth choosing a more elaborate design and frame to help give it that “wow” factor. For other items you may be able to choose less elaborate and less expensive designs and frames. Westshore Custom Picture Framing can demonstrate several different options and prices to help you choose the right balance between “wow” and your budget — ensuring you get the best value for your money.

3. Use FREE Design Services and Visualization

When you purchase mats and frames online or ready-made off a shelf, it is difficult to choose the right combination to suit your artwork. You may find yourself re-framing your piece again later, having to return the items, or perhaps having to tolerate a mat and frame that does not quite live up to expectations. The in-store designers at Westshore Custom Picture Framing have been trained to help find the mat and frame to really make your piece shine. Our visualization software can also make a difficult choice simple — by showing you the end result on our TV within minutes. How does this save you money? It’s free, it’s without obligation or pressure, and it will save you money by helping you choose the right frame, mat, glass, and backing the first time. (And if your piece really does suit a ready-made frame, we are happy to show you the selection we have in-stock).

4.Take your time

Spending time with our designers is often well spent. Taking your time to consider at least 2 or 3 options can make the difference between a framing job that you like, and a framing job that you love! You may find, after looking at several options, that your piece looks absolutely amazing in an inexpensive design! Or that adding a slightly more expensive frame makes all the difference. Regardless, taking your time to consider a few options will ensure your money is well spent. You can also drop off your piece at our store, and our designers will send you several options by email, complete with visualization, to consider at your leisure.

5. Compare prices

While a professional custom picture frame store may sound expensive, you may be pleasantly surprised! We choose to provide reasonable prices everyday (without the need for a 50% off coupon!). This is made possible by our affiliation with which provides greater buying power and efficient assembly while maintaining the lower overhead of a smaller store front. You can save money just by comparing our prices (and please tell us if you spot a better one!)!

6. Do it yourself

Unless you have the equipment, sourcing and cutting a mat, frame, glass and backing is probably not feasible. However — if you have the time, inclination, and desire, you can save a little bit of money by doing the final assembly yourself. We are happy to provide the individual components of a frame to those who wish to do the assembly themselves. This does require some patience and skill and is probably best suited to those who frequently have pieces they wish to frame (for example: artists and photographers who frame their own work). For those who purchase infrequently or do not wish to do the assembly themselves, they will likely find that our price for professional assembly is very reasonable. If you choose to do so, however, you will save a bit of money by assembling the framing yourself.

7. Come visit us soon

We would love to help you find that perfect frame. Visit us soon!